Your Guide to Talking About Attacks on Trans Youth

错误的信息助长了州立法机构对跨性青年的攻击. These attacks overwhelmingly focus on youth and schools, 他们只会让孩子们更难成长,更难获得支持, education, and community that all young people deserve.

错误的信息助长了州立法机构对跨性青年的攻击. These attacks overwhelmingly focus on youth and schools. 他们试图让变性人变得可耻——但他们无法阻止青少年成为变性人. 他们只会让孩子们更难成长,更难获得支持, education, and community that all young people deserve.

而每个人都应该联系立法者,表达他们对变性青年的支持, we know that these attacks aren’t limited to statehouses. 365足球网站跨性青年的谎言在餐桌上、家庭教师协会(PTA)会议和许多其他地方传播开来. It takes all of us speaking out and speaking up.

看看ACLU的跨性别正义大使,薄荷小姐和LGBTQ & 艾滋病项目工作人员律师泰勒·布朗告诉365足球365足球网站变性青年的真相,然后查看这些资源, 这样你就知道下次听到365足球网站变性青年的谎言时该如何回应了.

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Using people’s names and pronouns is a matter of respect.

“很难不把它看成是针对我个人的,但多年来,我对这种歧视已经麻木了. Sometimes, these experiences made me want to give up. But that’s not true happiness. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to identify myself accurately and get respect. So, I have no choice but to keep pushing through.” — Erica Aries

  • We all want to be respected and seen for who we are. When a young person’s name and pronouns are respected, they do better in school, have more confidence, and have lower rates of suicide.
  • People change their names for a variety of reasons. 如果你使用别人的名字和代词唯一有困难的时候是在他们是trans的时候, ask yourself why.
  • It doesn’t hurt you to be kind and be respectful. But it could be very meaningful to someone else. There’s no reason not to try.

Trans women are women.

“无论何时,当所谓的‘保护’365足球的福祉的关切被援引为被排除在外的理由时,顺性别妇女都应予以关注.” — Shayna Medley & Galen Sherwin

  • Attempts to legislate who is or isn’t a woman are not new. Lawmakers have often tried to exclude poor women, unmarried women, Black women, and others from legal protections. 跨越时间和文化,跨性别女性通常不仅被接受,而且受到尊敬.
  • There’s nothing wrong with saying “woman.问问你自己,这是否是你能使用的最具体、最包容的语言.
  • Policing what it means to be a woman hurts everyone. 这就是为什么美国公民自由联盟反对将女性挤出劳动力市场的性别歧视着装政策和做法.

School sports are about participation and belonging. It’s wrong to deny students the chance to try out for a team.

“这种虚假的言论分散了人们对女童和妇女在体育领域面临的真正威胁的注意力, such as lack of Title IX understanding and compliance; inequity in compensation, resources, sponsorship, and media attention; harassment and abuse of female athletes and women working in sports, the list goes on.” — Women’s Sports Foundation

  • 跨性别者想要参加学校体育运动的原因和他们的同龄人一样:为了 challenge themselves, improve fitness, and be part of a team. 将跨性别青少年排除在体育之外,会给他们传递这样一个信息:他们不配享有与其同学同等的机会.
  • 职业女运动员和致力于结束学校体育运动中对女孩的歧视的组织都在大声疾呼 oppose these bills. They are saying girls’ sports need more funding and resources.
  • We’re talking about kids. Growing up is hard for all of us, 但想象一下,如果你只是去学校参加球队选拔的能力受到质疑. No young person should have to fight this hard just to be on a team.

Trans youth know who they are. 她们应该能够问365足球,并与父母和医疗专业人员讨论自己的性别,而不需要从政客那里得到推论.

“(开始激素治疗后)我现在感到了一种以前从未有过的自信. 我可以轻松和自信地与他人互动,无论我是否认识他们. My body is finally beginning to match who I am.” — Dylan Brandt

  • 你不会从许多支持这些法案的人那里听到的是:没有一项为跨性别青年提供的护理是新的,也没有一项只为跨性别青年提供的护理. 365足球谈论的是几十年来对各种各样的诊断的年轻人给予的护理.
  • 这些法案的最终目的是阻止变性青年体验快乐. 拒绝为变性青年提供医疗和支持已被证明会导致抑郁, social isolation, self-hatred, risk of self-harm and suicidal behavior, and more. In short: It’s life threatening.
  • Doctors and major medical associations have spoken out against these bills 支持跨性别青年获得性别肯定护理.

Trans people have always been here.

“Trans people are not new. We have always been here. 只要有人类历史的记载,365足球就一直存在. 但是365足球已经从人类的故事中被写出来了——当你来自一个没有完整的可能性模型的社区, it raises the question, in yourself as well as others, of whether or not you deserve rights or a place in society.” – Imara Jones

  • If you aren’t aware of any trans people you’ve met, 那么你可能不知道在人类历史上有多少跨性别者存在. 对你来说是新事物,并不意味着对每个人来说都是新事物.
  • 你可以利用自己的时间去了解变性人——美国公民自由联盟 Trans in America documentary series is a good start, and the ACLU’s advocacy on behalf of transgender people goes back decades.
  • 即使你有疑问,还在学习中,你也可以对这些有害的攻击大声疾呼.

You can take action by following your local ACLU affiliate, supporting grassroots organizations led by trans people, or sharing this resource with others. And be sure to check out our Know Your Rights 让你了解法律如何保护跨性别者和非二元性别者不受歧视.

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